NZ Bookkeeping Partner of the Year Award 2017

Ontrack Bookkeeping
The last couple of months have seen me on a plane (or a bus….) more often than not, so it has been lovely to spend the last two weeks at home with my family. Sometimes work seems to take over and the ever elusive ‘work/life balance’ goes out the window. Are you ensuring you are looking after yourself and have balance in your life?
September saw me attend Xerocon in Melbourne, It was great to see lots of familiar faces again, and the photos were great too.
There were a huge number who came home ill from Xerocon, and it was not self-inflicted! The Melbourne bugs got the better of us, unfortunately.  But, I also bought home a fantastic trophy!  Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd won NZ Bookkeeping Partner of the Year award.
We are planning a big staff celebration at the end of this month to celebrate and to show my appreciation for all that our team does. They are the backbone of the business. It was such an honour to accept the award on their behalf. It also felt really rewarding to be recognised at a national level for the work we do, the time spent getting and staying certified, keeping up with the ever changing landscape of technology and implementing best practice for our clients.
A huge thank you to our clients also for believing in us and supporting our Vision.  We have amazing people who do amazing things in their field and we are extremely proud to be a part of your journey.
Here is a wee blog I wrote for Xero for Global Bookkeeping Week this week.

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