Celebrating 15 years in business – Our journey

Our journey started just over 15 years ago.  I was a solo mum with 2 wee girls aged 8 and 5, one of who had some pretty big health challenges.  I was working 20 hours a week for MFISH and doing the bookwork for a plumber as a second job.  What started as an idea to be able to work from home and be present for my kids morphed into a real business when upon moving in with my now hubby, I promptly announced I wanted to leave my stable government job and try this bookkeeping lark for real.  He was a brave man to back me and back me unconditionally he did.
It has been a bit of a wild ride this business thing.  Looking back I jumped in boots and all, not really knowing anything about running a business.  It was a brave leap of faith, and just like a sponge I soaked up all the knowledge I could. I read. I researched.  I gave things a go.  I made my share of mistakes, some little ones… and some not so little ones.  I learnt about employing staff by trial and error,  I learnt about software by getting in and giving it a go, and I learnt about people, and that is what this business is all about.
My passion is to help people succeed, in business and in life.  We love to walk the road with our clients, holding their hand through their own business journey.   Successful business creates successful economies and it is such a privileged to assist and support those in writing their own business story.
As I was reminded of yesterday, as much as this is a story about Ontrack Bookkeeping, it is my personal journey as well.
My personal journey has taken me from a shy school girl to an award winning business women and the leader of a National Association with a voice on a global stage.  My journey has taught me persistence, perseverance, tenacity and I found my brave.  It has taught me to set boundaries and that I have a voice. That what I have to say is of value, and that it’s ok to say no.  It taught me to fully believe in myself, to trust my gut instinct, and to stand up for my tribe.   It has taught me that success is a moving target and to achieve it it needs to be.   I have learnt we need to celebrate our wins and successes, and we certainly did that tonight.
There are a lot of people who in some way have contributed to the story of Ontrack Bookkeeping.  From our clients who have stuck with us through the years, to accountants who saw the value in the services we provide.  From Business Coaches with mutual clients, to my amazing staff who’s contributions through the years have been a huge part of this journey and the values and culture of our organisation which are hugely in part to you all. From our amazing bookkeeping community who are so supportive of each other, to my children for whom this all started and the lessons they have taught me.  From my parents who helped parent their grandchildren and fill the gaps where gaps were constantly growing on this crazy ride, to my brave husband who believed in my crazy idea, kept me grounded and had my back from day one.
Thank you does not seem big enough but Thank you all, each and every of you, for your contribution to the writing of this story of which is Ontrack Bookkeeping’s journey.

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