How far have you come on your digital journey?

I came across a social media post today about assessing how far you come in your digital journey with your business.  Very interesting results… and a very useful tool.  Free….  Not much you get for free these days…
So, if you want to see how your business stacks up, check out the website Digital Journey and take your free assessment.  You never know what you will learn.

Take the Digital Journey Assessment

Digital technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, changing the way we communicate and altering consumer behaviour. Adopting new technologies and optimising your online presence can deliver improved productivity across all areas of your business.
The Digital Journey assessment guides businesses through four sections covering current digital use and plans for the future.

  • Assess the strength of your online presence
  • Identify social & digital marketing opportunities
  • Streamline business plans and systems
  • Improve project management and data accessibility with Cloud computing
  • Create your customised digital action plan

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