myIR online services upgraded this week

Bookkeepers and business owners have been on pin cushions this last weekend with the IR being closed for the latest on the business transformation project.  On 17 April, improved myIR online services went live, “making tax simpler for you”.  The latest improvements are designed to make it easier to do business the Inland Revenue.    But change can be hard right?

The Inland Revenue have created some quick tour videos of the My Business section to help you out.  They cover:

  • Navigating the new My business tab
  • Alerts: where customers are reminded of things they need to do
  • Registration details: where customers can see a summary of the details we hold on file for their business
  • Logons: where customers can see who has been delegated access to their myIR account
  • I want to: which has frequently used tasks in one handy place
  • Correspondence: which contains a record of customer statements and notices
  • Settings: where customers can update their profile.

Take a tour and check out the changes that might effect you.  There are multiple how to videos listed on here with more being added all the time.


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