Quick Tips – Quick Parts

There is a cool little feature I came across in Microsoft Office Outlook to save a whole heap of time.  Its called Quick Parts.

In Outlook, type the body of your email template out in your email. Eg:

We have finalised your GST for you today.  You have GST owing of $…..  This is due by the ……..
You can pay this using your internet banking.  Log in and go to the Pay Tax section.
 The details to use are as follows:
Tax Type:  GST
Period ending:
Amount: $
 Your GST and monthly report are attached for your information.  Please sign and return the GST receipt for our records.
 If you have any questions, do let me know.

Then highlight this section you want to save as a template, then select INSERT, then QUICKPARTS, then select SAVE SELECTION TO QUICK PART GALLARY – name the selection so it makes sense to you.
Quickparts pic

To then use this in future emails:
Start your email, have your cursor in the body of the email, select Quick Parts from the Insert tab, then select the template you want to use.
You can have multiple templates with different paragraphs and can add multiple paragraphs into one email.

Cool aye?
DiCE <3

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