Stress Busters

As we all know and hear regularly, stress is a leading cause of dis-ease within our population today, and it continues to increase as we pile more and more into our lives on the journey to success and fulfilment.   Luckily, we have incredible people doing amazing things in this area to bring it to our attention, but, it is up to us to take ownership of our own health, and the only place to start is looking at our own stress levels.

Now, finding out this information, that stress is causing disease, causes more stress, then we stress about how much stress we are under and what it is doing to us, then we stress about what we need to do to eliminate that stress… then we get more stressed at how many things we SHOULD be doing…. and hamster wheel goes round and round, faster and faster and faster…


You only need to do that one thing. That is it, just one.  And that one, is the first step in the journey to selfcare.

It has taken me a LONG time and a lot of auto-immune conditions to get the point where I really, and I mean REALLY am understanding that I need to look after myself. It is a journey after all, I am not sure what we ever arrive..  but little things every day make a big difference, and certainly have helped me.

Some stress is good right?  A little bit of stress to get the heart pumping with excitement over a new offering is good for us, otherwise life is fairly steady and consistent.  But continued stress, where your body never gets the chance to ‘rest’ is where the fatigue of all your systems kicks in and dis-ease within the body happens.  My Happy Body coach, Corinne Amy, is an integral part of my journey to get on top of the stress, and reminded me this morning that resting is ‘doing’, which I really need to regularly hear.

Lauren Parsons Wellbeing Specialist shares her 16 Stress Busting tips with us on her blog.    Number 1, 11 and 12 are my biggest helpers.  Number 16 I am working on.  What are you currently doing and what is your next focus?


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