My husband and I started our business from scratch in April 2007. We had never run our own business before and one area that “frightened” us was setting up the administrative side of the accounts. We knew we would have an “accountant” but setting up accounting systems, daily entering, reporting and managing of the financial side of the business scared us. What software to use? How to set it up? How to use it?

We continue to be so grateful to Ontrack Bookkeeping -­ Di and her team, who have helped up with the initial set up, onsite training, on site auditing, “cleaning” of our data entry (!!) and advice along the way. Ontrack Bookkeeping have always been only to happy to help, never further than a phone call away or an onsite appointment, and their expertise has been received with open arms. They have continued to help us grow and be sustainable, from one entity set up and our growth to our current five entities. Thanks Di & Team.

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