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It seems to be a time to celebrate in our world this month…  International Women’s Day, 18 years in business, Danie achieving her NZPPA Payroll Certifications Level 2 & Pay Hero Certification, and our founder Di Crawford-Errington being named in the Top 50 Women in Accounting 2020 (the only NZer!) We took advantage of Ismae being in the office for the week and on Monday 8th March the celebrations started with a photo shoot at Mair Park with local photographer Stacey Milich-Smith.   Such fun was had by all, finishing with a team dinner – what a lovely way to round out the day celebrating the team, our achievements and International Women’s Day for 2021!

The company culture cultivated over the last 18 years is second to none, and this is testament to the caring supportive nature of each of every one of the team. The mutual love, respect and support means coming to work is a joyful experience, which feeds through to how we operate with our clients too.

March 2003 Ontrack Bookkeeping was ‘officially’ born. A solo Mum with two young daughters, one of who had some health challenges, Di was working two jobs – one for a government department and the other doing the books for a plumber as a second job. What started as seeing a huge gap in the market for ground floor business support for tradies and an opportunity to be able to work from home and be present for her daughters, morphed into a reality upon moving in with her now husband, Paul and she hasn’t looked back since.

Starting a business is a wild ride, especially not knowing anything about running a business and Di jumped in, boots and all! Reading, researching and soaking up all of the knowledge she could…  and as we all do, she made some mistakes along the way, but that is how you learn right?

“My passion is to inspire and empower people to succeed, in business and in life. We love to walk the path with our clients, holding their hand through their own business journey so they are not alone in traversing the challenges that business ownership brings. Successful businesses create successful communities and it is such a privilege to assist and support our clients in writing the next page of their story”

We are currently a team of seven amazing people, with wide ranging of skills and experience and a passion for helping our clients authentically and most of all, with heart.

Thank you to our wonderful clients who have walked the journey of the last 18 years with us. You are the reason why we do what we do.

If you would like to explore working with us, give us a bell.

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