Xero Projects

If you’re a small business with simple job costing needs, projects is likely the perfect solution for you.
It’s important to know which jobs that you do deliver the best return on investment, and which ones need to be reined in.  Xero have released their latest feature to help with this, Xero Projects.  This is a simple way to capture, track and report on the time and money spent on each job so you can invoice better and make decisions and manage your business more efficiently.  This is not a full project management solutions.Xero Projects
Projects is still in beta phase (still being developed) and therefore is currently free to use.  There will be a fee to use in the future. If you are using spreadsheets this is a good replacement.  It is a great fit for those businesses in the service industries that need to track time and cost, ie architects, engineers, trades, legal firms . You will be able to enjoy visibility across all your jobs – which makes it easier to plan ahead, stick to budget and focus on the right work.
Projects is a  time and cost tracking tool that:

  • Tracks the financial side of project management
  • Monitors project budgets.
  • Provides easy project invoicing.
  • Supports fixed price and time billing.
  • Integrates with key Xero features, including contacts, invoicing, and very soon bills and bank reconciliation.

If think this might be for you or you would like more information feel free to contact the Ontrack Team.

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