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Your success is our success. We support you to do business better through our Financial Support services, as well as our Business Development services which includes cashflow planning and enhancing your financial literacy, so you can make better financial decisions.

Embracing the power of cloud-based accounting systems and business apps to boost efficiencies means we can add greater value into your business through our software, bookkeeping and payroll services, and our business training programs.

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What some of our clients say

Di makes me feel supported. She really 'gets it', as she is a business person herself. Di knows numbers and approaches everything from a business owner perspective, not an accountants perspective - which is exactly what I have been searching for!

She employs 'next level' 'outside the box' style thinking to solve problems. She interprets the numbers in a way that I can understand and presents them in a format that works for me. It is great to be around someone who genuinely cares about helping me grow my business. She is my 'Financial Therapist'.

Catherine McNamara

Grinning Gecko Cheese Company

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Di and her wonderfully friendly and helpful team are always just a phone call away should I need additional support with my business. People need to know how bloody marvellous they are!

Lucy Best

GLO Construction Ltd

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"Diane made the whole process easy, she is a great teacher and can turn stress into solutions, I have no idea how she does it. It definitely is a skill. We appreciate the quick and knowledgeable responses we get to any query we may have.

Diane thank you for your time, patience, and all the support you give us. It is very much appreciated."

Chevaun & Matt Nel

Managing Director

Maungakaramea Service Station

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"Di is a wealth of knowledge and my trusted business adviser. She set us up on Xero and had us in for a coffee to show us exactly how this works to allow us to do the coding and make things easy.

Di and her team are truly fabulous and I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone… And have done many times already."

Becky Keen

Managing Director

Keen Kitchen

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"Business Coaching New Zealand has and will continue to, refer the services of Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd, to all of our clients who fall into the aforementioned category of business owners who lack the skills set or time requirements."

Terry Sage

Business Coaching New Zealand

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" Ontrack Bookkeeping have always been only to happy to help, never further than a phone call away or an onsite appointment, and their expertise has been received with open arms. They have continued to help us grow and be sustainable, from one entity set up and our growth to our current five entities. Thanks Di & Team."

Natasha & John Lee

Managing Directors

Small Poppies Ltd

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” I’d just like to say that you are a great inspiration to me when it comes to running a business successfully. I know it’s constant hard work and it’s not been easy but your drive and determination is so obvious that it’s rubbed off on me and I thank you for that.”

Raymond Poultney

Graphic Designer

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