Business Coaching New Zealand has many clients of varying sizes and needs but in spite of their differences they all have the common need of, clear, accurate and up to date financial record keeping. In many cases of business ownership the owners either do not have the necessary skills or more often than not, the time that is needed to give justice to this very crucial part of their business.

Business Coaching New Zealand has and will continue to, refer the services of Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd, to all of our clients who fall into the aforementioned category of business owners who lack the skills set or time requirements. We make this referral with the knowledge that our clients will be receiving a service that is second to none in Northland and a service that in the majority of cases saves our clients money, as well as time, stress and frustration.

It also makes the job of business coaching that much easier knowing the accounts are 100% accurate and for this we thank Di and her team.

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