Make life easier with AI

AI (Artificial intelligence) has been both a huge disrupter and enabler for businesses of all shapes and sizes. (AI) is no longer just a pipe dream of science-fiction. It has become a vital aspect of today’s world and has meant businesses or employees can and are becoming more productive by leveraging the many AI tools for business activities.  In the past, the application of AI was limited to big corporations…  Read more

Key Provisions of the 2023 NZ Budget

This month Grant Robertson delivered his sixth Government Budget. The Government announced that Budget 2023 would prioritise addressing the cost of living and aim for a ‘no frills’ budget without unexpected tax changes. The challenge is how to decrease Government expenditure to mitigate inflationary effects, while simultaneously ensuring economic stability for New Zealanders during an unpredictable period and also effectively managing issues like health, housing, and climate change. Below is…  Read more

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