Tricks to stay safe online

Cyber security and ensuring you have the appropriate measures in place to keep your information safe online is becoming more imperative as time goes on and the world gets even more tech savvy. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is simply minding their own business – they might be trying to hack in to yours. You need to protect your data, your network, your customer information and your reputation online. So,…  Read more

Changes to Paying Credit with Credit

Recently, new legislation has been passed to add more levels of consumer protection around the credit industry. One of those changes removes the ability to pay for credit with credit. This means that finance companies, such as Fee Funders which Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd uses to offer customers an alternative solution to paying off amounts, can no longer take payment by Credit Card. Does this affect you or the business you’re…  Read more

GST On Low-Value Imported Goods

From 1 December 2019, overseas businesses selling low-value goods to consumers in NZ may need to register for, collect and return Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 15%. Low-value goods are those valued at NZ$1,000 or less (exclusive of GST). Examples include books, clothing, cosmetics, shoes, sporting equipment and electronic items. NZ Customs will continue to tax goods sold for more than NZ$1,000 at the border as they come into…  Read more

10 tips cashflow made easy

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and is so critical to its growth.  Its all to do with timing and delays. Here are Di’s 10 tips below for cashflow made easy: Keep your eye on the cash – do a cashflow forecast and compare it to actuals regularly to ensure you are tracking in the right direction. Always have separate business bank accounts for each of your businesses.  Separating…  Read more

Budget 2015 – No Surprises

BUDGET 2015 ANNOUNCED The Government’s 2015 Budget announced today includes tax proposals aimed at supporting children in poverty, ensuring compliance with the tax rules and strengthening the tax rules. The Budget includes proposals to: address child support penalties debt; increase the in-work tax credit and the abatement rate from 1 April 2016; strengthen the tax rules for property; repeal the $1,000 KiwiSaver incentive payment; and clarify that payments made by…  Read more

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