Legislation Involved in Payroll

Did you know there are over 27 Legislative Acts involved in payroll – insane right?

Legislation Involved In Payroll

So, isn’t it interesting to know that most small businesses have an untrained staff member processing payroll for their team?

Payroll is not the back-office data entry job that a lot of people think it is.  In fact, when you start to understand the rules and regulations around payroll, you may be right in thinking you need a degree in understanding legislation to ensure you team are paid correctly.  Even MBIE cant get it right for their own staff, and The Holidays Act 2003 is the biggest area where small business’s get it wrong.

Getting payroll wrong is a stressful exercise for all parties involved.  Employees can feel unappreciated, which breeds contempt and disharmony in the workplace, effecting the productivity of the whole team, and your bottom line.  It could also end up very costly if the employee disagrees and takes it to the Employment Relations Authority.

Our specific payroll training for employers and payroll staff was born from a need to help small businesses to get it right.  We all know legislation is not written for the layman, can be extremely confusing and very much grey in its guidance. This course helps demystify the rules and provides guidance and support so you and your payroll administrators can make informed decisions regarding payroll.

We cover all the hard questions in depth in our upcoming Small Business Training Hub payroll training course starting in the second week of August.     Employers are responsible for ensuring their staff are paid correctly, and that is the reason we have developed the Payroll Essentials training course;  to ensure you have all of the information you need at your fingertips to ensure this important business function is done correctly.

Come and join me.  All the information is on our payroll course page to find out more and register for the next intake.

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