Are you overpaying your team for annual leave?

Employees are one of the biggest costs, and the most important asset to a business, and annual holidays are a really important part of your teams health and wellbeing.  Ensuring your team are getting what they are entitled to is your responsibility as their employer.  If you don’t get it right, it can cause frustration for the employee, friction in the workplace and could land you in hot water with…  Read more

Parental leave and annual holidays – what you need to know

An employee’s time on parental leave is included as continuous service and taking parental leave does not affect entitlement to annual holidays. Employees who take parental leave will still become entitled to a minimum of four weeks of annual holidays on the anniversary of their employment start date. However payment for annual holidays that an employee becomes entitled to: during parental leave, or during a period of preference after parental…  Read more

Payment for Leave and Holidays in a Final Pay

When you leave your employment for any reason, you may be entitled to get paid for annual holidays, alternative holidays and/or public holidays in your final pay. Public holidays Employees are sometimes entitled to be paid for public holidays that fall after their employment has ended (i.e. after their termination date). This can happen if the employee has unused annual holidays they are entitled to at the time their employment…  Read more

What do I pay my employee if they go home sick on a public holiday?

This is a question that has come up in our Payroll Essentials Training Course that is currently running. Scenario: An employee comes to work for 2 hours on a public holiday, then has to go home early due to being ill.  This is what they would receive for the day 2 hrs at time and half 1 x alternative day IF the day is a otherwise working day for the…  Read more

Late Opt Out Requests from Kiwisaver

Your employees who choose to opt into KiwiSaver cannot opt out. Only new employees you are automatically enrolled in KiwiSaver can opt out. Requests to be opted out after 8 weeks (57 days) are LATE OPT OUT REQUESTS. How your employee requests a late opt-out Employees will need to send their KiwiSaver late opt-out request to Inland Revenue. Approving a late opt-out request Inland Revenue must approve the late opt-out…  Read more

Pay and leave during natural disasters and emergencies

During and after a disaster or emergency, employers and employees main concern is consideration of issues such as health and safety, emotional wellbeing and payment options for employees.  This comes before thinking about the interests of the business or organisation. Employers and employees should remember to keep in regular contact and deal with each other in good faith. If the workplace cannot be accessed, is closed, or is open but…  Read more

Employee vs contractor – what you need to know

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have workers who are employees or contractors, or you may have both. Each has their merits, but it’s important to review which are which in order to meet your tax obligations. When you have an employee, you must withhold income tax as well as report on additional benefits. Contractors generally look after their own tax obligations. It’s against the law to…  Read more

Payroll – Christmas and Public Holidays

Christmas is a time of sun, sand, lots of food and family time here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Ensuring employees get paid right for the public holidays however can be a challenge for those employing staff.   We thought we would put together some examples to help you on with navigating the challenges of the Christmas payroll this year. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS THAT FALL ON A WEEKEND  How to work out pay…  Read more

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